Если я правильно идентифицировал ханта, То это глад с думхамера с наивысшим личным рейтом 2.5к в тройке… а вот с идентификацией оппонентов трабла, так что выводы делать проблематично. Итак первый ролик:

Дк против ханта:

Хороший такой отхил у дк, на 40%.

Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

As you can see from the video this DK has probably less than 5 seconds of actual uptime on me over the course of this minute long duel. I get him to 38% HP about 23 seconds into the duel and about 28 seconds later he is at 100% hp.

He wins the duel with 50% hp.

I kite him as efficiently as I can, he procs an immobilize at the start of the duel from snake trap, I’m max range kiting him, he COI’s and begins to slowly catch up, I web root him as he pet stuns me. I trinket immediately and continue to kite. The second he pops AMS I do hit my Explosive Shot button not on purpose of course, (Which gives him runic power if he takes elemental damage), I hit deterrence as he catches up to me to stop incoming damage while I can’t effectively damage him. I frost trap to immobilize him again so I can continue kiting.

During a 5 second window he goes from 38% to 100% from the Runic Power generated during AMS. I max range kite him but he starts to slowly catch up with COI, spamming deathcoils along the way. I continue to kite him, drop a snake trap down to proc the immobilize as he’s on me a very short time, about 2 seconds, to which I immediately disengage, he deathgrips (Which I planned for) so I follow it with a rocket jump. I continue to keep him at bay with concussive shot, web root and my shots.

He wins the duel with 40% hp with 5 seconds or less of uptime on me in 1 minute. He did not even pop Gargoyle.

Вар против охотника:

Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

As you can see from the video an average Warrior has too much uptime on a target, a Hunter has to extremely outplay a Warrior and make them misuse their cooldowns to get range. I nearly beat this Warrior, but as you can blatantly tell he makes very many mistakes where I try to make as few as possible.

This video if you closely analyze my trap and the position of the enemy warrior gives a CLEAR example of the nerf to our trap proccing radius. The warrior runs by my frost trap by about 2-3 yards and does not proc the trap. I literally have to bring him to the frost trap, and physically make him run over it before it procs.

So I start the duel off in Camo so he cannot start with a charge, he’s one of those melee duelers that like to stand nearly on top of you to start the fight. I open with my Serpent Sting (10% more damage), Explosive Shot, Black Arrow combination. He procs my snake trap immobolize and as that duration ends I immediately follow it with web root to maximize my DPS uptime from ranged. Since he dodges my frost trap twice, after his charge I begin to bring him back to my frost trap. He does his throwdown move, which I trinket immediately then drag him to the trap. When he hits my frost trap root, he immediately pops bladestorm (I’d like to think he was doing it to get out of the immobilize, but you can never tell against these guys), and I pop masters call so I’m able to dodge the majority of the bladestorm damage.

I disengage over my frost trap to which he immediately charges or intercepts, he imp hamstrings me as I pop deterrence so I’m unable to go anywhere during hte duration of it to which I rocket jump and he charges or intercepts again. I then disengage again, and he charges or intercepts again, as he charges I web root him (which doesn’t have any effect on his position but he trinkets anyway), I then scatter shot him, drop a frost trap for an immobilize and begin kiting him away.

He then Heroic leaps right back into my melee range, does a throwdown and kills me. This was a bad warrior. When I get a video of a really good one, it’ll blow your mind.

Шама против ханта:

Хороший такой крит в ханта вошел на 33к.

Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

Short Match

Again, you can blatantly see the obvious trap radius nerf as the Elemental cleanly walks around them until I physically drag him on top of the trap.

During that time I’m doing my standard shots, he roots me, I attempt to finish a Cobra Shot off but I get deadzoned, I then master’s call and what looks like a single global removes 40% of my HP. (40K damage in two hits, I believe the 7k crit was from a dot and the 33k crit from the instant LvB)

I disengage, pop deterrence hoping to reflect a spell back in his face, no, he begins casting healing surge, I cancel deterrence, and wyvern sting the second healing surge. Nonetheless he goes to 60% with me even canceling early and shooting him.

I max range one lava burst, and then he finishes me off with a mobile lava burst that crits me for 20k.

Шадоуприст против охотника:

Ну пристов я всегда не любил.

Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

Not much to say about this video. I load up my normal shot rotation on him, he gets vampiric embrace, shadow word pain on me, horrors me, I trinket instantly and disengage rocket jump away to try and get max range, but oh no, casters now have the same range I do and mind flay’d me. I lose to dots. He tries to remove my camo with mass dispel but I start shooting as he does it. Nothing much I could have done too differently, when I duel my friend Saline the duel is over significantly faster, he wasn’t online for me show you.

I am going to critique my own play in this video. I did not drop my traps, I was a bit distracted, though believe me, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I was disarmed so I could not wyvern the mind flay.


Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

I win! But that is because his screen froze for a few seconds (Common bug on Beta), and I won with 1% HP. I start the duel off in Camoflauge, drop my traps, proc LNL and load up my normal damage routine. I manage to dodge the initial pet stun/bladestorm with immobilize. Wait warlock goes demon form and leaps on my face into a stun. He deathcoils me and begins casting Hand of Guldan, I immediately trinket and before Hand of Guldan goes off I deterrence to reflect it back at him. (Doesn’t do anything, Mirrored blades is good ya?) He stops casting immolate halfway through when he FINALLY realizes I’ve got deterrence up. Kiting him as best as I can around my frost trap, he gets a cast off on hand of guldan, I scatter shot his next cast. I get pet stunned, we trade damage back and forth, I manage to get my double kill shots and win… With 1%.

The kicker, his screen obviously freezes towards the end of the duel.


Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

This is probably one of my favorite duels. I start off the duel against this affliction lock in camo, load up hunters mark, and then start my dps rotation. He runs over my traps and procs LNL. I’m unloading as much damage into him as I can. He tries to cast fear I feign it, he tries to cast it again, I Wyvern. He gets a UA up, he casts fear a third time, I range it this time. Warlock Teleports out of my trap. Gets a haunt up, there is no need for him to run to me since I cannot max range him anymore, and then literally casts nothing but drain life until I’m dead.

What do I do? Run out of range of siphon life and let his pet and dots kill me? Or run into fear range for a single scatter?

Фрост маг против ханта:

Личность этого мага как и ханта известна, это тоже глад, продавил ханта как ребенка, не играл бы в полглаза вообще бы с полным столбом хп вышел бы из дуэли, а так да 10% ему хант всетаки снял.

Оригинальные пояснения к бою от ханта:

This mage is actually good, it’s xxLegolasxx from KT, Relentless Gladiator)

Camo, Traps. Mage pops Mirror Images. He breaks my camo before I can hunters mark with his ranged pet snare. (So much for preventing ranged attacks, «but it’s AOE so whatever right?)

He deepfreezes, I trinket, comes over to try and ring of Frost me, but I dodge it with disengage. Pop a couple more shots into him. He iceblocks, sits in it a bit. Then blinks, and casts evocate. This was a bait, I should not have come over to him since he was only at 85% casting it anyway. Regardless, I’m at 50% life, he pet snares me (Which he would’ve done anyway), then deepfreezes me with trinket down, I roar of sacrifice to alleviate the pressure from it.

Master’s Call, disengage, and pump out a few shots before his ice lances kill me.

Something I want you to note, is he doesn’t cast a SINGLE ability other than Evocate. Not a single one, watch it 10x, I did, only damaging spell he used was Icelance and he won. Enjoy, I sure did…

…. ну собственно пока все.


В противовес добавлю ролик из темы на новом оффе, где хант пытается доказать что ханты в патче 4.01 оп.

И комментарий автора из обсуждения этого видео на оффе:

Отствой это вы.
Локи сейчас все раскладываються на ура.
Маг может убить ханта если зажмет дипфриз до последнего. Больше не как.
А если вы криворукие и не можете расщепить того же лока за стан и бв, то это ваши проблемы. Хант не ваш класс, идите качайте мага и прожимайте свои криты по мобам

Вот так вот, видимо если я зафрапсю убийство только что апнувшигося дерева это по его логике будет доказательством того что хантов нужно срочно нерфить а паленья апать.